Air Freight

LMW China is an integrated provider of air cargo transportation. We offer complex solutions for cargo deliveries that link the world's largest manufacturers with consumers and business partners all over the world.

The long-term prospects for the transport and logistics industry remain as favorable as ever.

Special products in particular should continue to grow in volume and appeal. After all, goods of this kind offer higher added value-not just for the transporter but for the shipper the consignee and the forwarder as well. So LMW China can expect demand for those products to remain buoyant in the years ahead.

At the same time, however, general cargo should continue to account for the bulk of air cargo shipments in volume, weight and revenue terms. That is why for LMW China’s quality, reliability and efficiency are the basic benefits for every consignment. That's because we dedicate as much attention and experience to the transportation of general cargo with competently flexible and total devotion to the customer individual needs.

LMW China’s cargo fleet of Boeing 747 freighters offers the capacity to carry up to 110 tons on a single flight and complies with all transportation standards for the delivery of all types of cargoes, including shipments that require special handling and temperature-controlled conditions.

In fact our general cargo is less general as it sounds. In addition to shipments without any particular specifications, it also includes our Special Cargo Products. And that embraces all items for which IATA issues special transport regulations - including dangerous goods, perishables, live animals, vulnerable, bulk & heavy and others.

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