Shipment Facts:

Air Freight
AWB: Air waybill, air freight letter
Proof of the conclusion of the air freight contract, legal basis, insurance policy, basis for freight calculation, list for reporting duty, proof for right of disposal, shipping authorization of the airline at the target airport

HAWB: House air waybill, air freight letter (as above)
The collective consignment shipper issues a separate HAWB for each individual shipment within the collective consignment.

MAWB: Master-Air-Waybill
Should the AWB be issued for a collective consignment (consolidated shipments).

3 Letter Codes
Internationally valid abbreviations for the airports, e.g. FRA = Frankfurt, LAX = Los Angeles

Letter of credit
A letter of credit is a payment guarantee from the bank of the purchaser in favor of the seller (letter of credit = favored party), if this party fulfills his obligations from the sales contract.

Bill of lading
Shipping and possession documents with transport by sea

FCR: Forwarding agents certificate of receipt
Shipper-payment authorization
The shipper hereby acknowledges to the customer that he has taken over the sending of the item and that he is definitively delivering it to the recipient named in the shipping contract.

System plus size + weigh Package units/packages:
max. weight: 31.5kg
girth measurement max.: 3.00m per package unit
max. length of edge: 1.80m per package

Pallets flat pallets (Euro/one-way):
max. area 1.00m x 1.20m, max. height 2.20m

Skeleton container pallets:
Euro norms: 1.20m x 0.80m
Half pallet: max. area 0.80m x 0.60m, max. height 2.20m

Measurements for Cargo Receptacle
LMW System Box

Type 1
Inner measurements:
length: 2.80m
width: 2.45m
height: 2.80m
volume: 19.2cbm

Type 2
Inner measurements:
length: 7.30m
width: 2.44m
height: 2.90m
volume: 51.7cbm

LMW Pay box
Inner measurements:
length: 2.42m
width: 2.10m
height: 2.35m
volume: 11.94cbm
average capacity: 4 palettes or 150-250 packages

CCG: Centrale für Coorganisation (Center for Co-organization)
German efficiency association
The CCG is supported by trade and industry institutions. The CCG is concerned with solutions to technical and organizational problems which arise from the cooperation between trade and industry.

20 foot container
outside: 6.058 x 2.438 x 2.591m (L x W x H)
inside: 5.930 x 2.330 x 2.380m (L x W x H)

40 foot container

outside: 12.192 x 2.438 x 2.591m (L x W x H)
inside: 12.070 x 2.330 x 2.380m (L x W x H)

IATA: International Air Transport Association, Association of international airlines
Tasks: determining uniform tariffs standardization of documents determining guidelines for on-board service standardization of luggage limits issuing guidelines for the admittance of IATA agencies

Mass/weight ratio:
1 cbm = 167 kg

Sea freight

LCL: Less than container load Shipments that are loaded into the collective container

FCL: Full container load Complete container (house/house container)

Conference: Contractual agreement of legally independent line shipping companies serving the same travel area. Timetables and rates are determined.

Outsider (non-conference): Counterpart of a conference

Mass/weight ratio: 1 cbm = 1 t